baskk was born in the land of endless summers, seaside adventures, and the laid-back Aussie philosophy. Founded by love duo Aimee and Brad, it’s an ode to the place they call home — the Sunshine Coast in Australia. With two small children and a deep love for the great outdoors, they dreamt of creating a range of lifestyle essentials, done differently. One that allows people to embrace the beauty of the world around them, without taking anything from it. For them, the beach has been the place where they feel grounded. So, when they couldn’t find earth-friendly pieces that cater to their needs, they decided to make their own. The desire to elevate the outdoor experience turned into a collection of beautifully crafted and responsibly made sunshine essentials. All of our products are designed in Australia with a genuine passion for craftsmanship, sustainability, and longevity. baskk is slowly rewriting the narrative of the perfect leisure day. And this is just the beginning.