1. Pull the lower wooden pole (pole A) from your umbrella bag. 

2. Find the small steel rod (B) inside the small pocket inside the umbrella bag and insert it into the small hole in the lower pole. 

3. Place the bottom wooden pole (Pole A) into the sand and use the steel rod to help leverage the pole deeper into the sand with some downward pressure and a turning motion. 

4. Once pole A is deep into the sand and is secure, find pole C and erect the top part of the umbrella, opening the canopy. 

5. Press in the button at the base of pole C and slot into pole A. Pole A and C should click in together securely. 

6. Ensure you place the steel rod (B) back into its pocket to save you losing it in the sand. 

7. Sit back and baskk from dawn till dusk.